Sunday, August 15, 2010

By the way

I feel like the real l word doesn't actually discuss lesbian sex realistically or rather not incompassing to all women. Why ask if women cry during sex (weird) and not ask your favourite way to please another woman? Now that's a question I can get behind. I like talking about sex and I like to know what other people are doing in bed too. And also why are there soooo many dogs on that show?

Anyway I like this poem and I like these two girls and I like how they talk about sex. But not sex just as something hot and intoxicating but sex also as a way to share love and appreciation. Maybe it's just because I am baby gay that I'm super eager to please, that more than anything I just want to melt into her skin and hear her sigh. Plus it's massively awesome when you get a girl off with no clue what you're doing. I like discussing sex and understanding what will ge her off because I honestly I'm just fumbling in the dark.

So sex positivity is awesome and I think we should keep it up, because if baby gays aren't learning about sex their sex is going to suck and they're going to think that it's okay. And it's not, it so is not.

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