Monday, September 27, 2010

to bush or not to

so you know there's a picture of a vagina at the end of this post. just letting you know.

my sister telling me about her bikini wax sparked a conversation about lesbian grooming habits. apparently we're both fascinated and confused.

coming from a straight world i never was inclined to do much maintenance on my nether regions. just a trim down but i never shaved or waxed, ever. and it was never a problem. or at least it never came up. what i did to my vagina was absolutely none of my partner's concern.

the lesbian world is a little different. apparently i was the first bush one girl ever went down on. it was her policy not to, but she made an exception for me...

i thought lesbians would be even more open minded about the bush. i mean we all have one so whats the big deal? i always felt that my pubic hair was a part of me and shouldn't be a concern to my partner at all. but i see now that when you spend 15-20+mins with your face between some girl's thighs some routine pruning isn't just necessary but common courtesy.

what i have learned is that in my local community the bald eagle is the preference and the most common do for the genitals. to my friends who i know have no clue a bald eagle is just what it sounds like, completely shaved. nothing, bare. some women pull this off better than others. i am not one of these women. frankly i just dont have the vagina for it. i like my bush or thought i did, but being that i just switched teams i was eager to please and willing to try anything once. conclusion: for me this style was pointless and required way too much work to keep up. plus it was just damn uncomfortable. also, not to toot my own horn, i have really soft pubic hair, like goose down or the belly of a kitten. shaving it off just made it worse for my partner rather than better, because as it grows back like 2 days later its like a little cactus.

to address my sister's concern that the bald eagle would make one think of a prepubescent girl, this isn't the case. as an adult who enjoys fucking other adults the thought of getting it on with a child doesn't really ever come up. i recognize my partner as a consenting adult so figure the lack of hair really isn't a concern.

that said i have turned my partner who was a bald eagle into a bush convert. she now maintains a small neat bush, but knows i could care less so doesn't worry about it as much as she use to. one day she will be a fellow bush lover or at least like me a woman who feels her partner should worry about something else besides a little extra flossing.

i feel like i'm doing my lesbian community service one bush at a time.

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