Sunday, July 4, 2010

bikes, girls, girls on bikes... heaven

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oh dear oh my. my heart is set a flutter. i can't help it.

how can anyone resist a girl on a bike? it isn't possible. now i'm not talking sunset, long hair caught in a breeze, floral print dress wearing girl on some vintage beach cruiser.

i'm talking about hipster bike dykes. oh they are lovely. plugs, plaids, pedals. all i need in this world. now i fancy myself a biker, but seriously i'm not. not even close to these purest girls with their fixed gears and hella adorable hoodies.

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i'm rather anti fixed gear. i like my knees too much, call me selfish. but i'm all for other girls loving the fixie sensation. usually she'll have plugs in her ears or some other interesting piercing, a hoodie or neon plaid shirt, messenger bag, knit something somewhere on her body, and a vague art degree, this beautiful specimen of femme fatal sends me reeling. they're so passionate about riding and things like crank shafts and deep vs. i have no clue but it gets me all hot when they talk about such things while cleaning grease from their hands. such nimble, sturdy hands.

down side to these pretty little grungy things: most are straight.

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i know this because despite the gears on my bike i'm still partly one of them. and as i tried to flirt with them in my art classes and at coffee shops i was shot down each time with "Oh I love that place! My boyfriend works there!" or "Yeah my boyfriend's house is right off 13th." or something to the degree that they liked dick. which you know i followed up with "Yeah my fiance likes that sort of stuff too..." in my head i'm screaming "omg omg omg! just smile, just laugh. think i'm funny!" what a sad sad mixed up little girl i was...

anyway! dykes + bikes = heaven. plus there could be the chance that all they need is a little coaxing out of the closet.

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