Thursday, July 8, 2010

i admit it, i have a thing for girls in baseball caps

let's talk about one of my all time favourite type of dyke. the butch. not just any butch but the just graduated from adolescent baby butch but still not quite full blown Harley riding butch. you know, not a girl, not yet a woman... but gayer. they're almost bois but way tougher. hanging out with all their guys friends, baggy pants and baseball cap. for this reason i call them the baseball cap butch.

oh yeah that's what i'm talking about. this dyke sets me on fire. these girls know how to melt a lady where she stands. when one looks at you it feels like you're the first girl they have ever seen. at some point they'll shyly saunter over tip their head down, look through their lashes and in the same breath offer to buy you a drink, ask you dance, and tell you you're beautiful.

via liquorinthefront

these bitches are the best things that have ever happened to lesbianism. seriously. they are a prime example in how to treat a lady. i mean they have to be because when they snag a femme they snag the fucking prettiest femme in the goddamn town. and you know that was some work.

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i might have a soft spot for these dykes because i read Stone Butch Blues right when i was coming out. or perhaps because a baseball cap butch was the first girl i really actively hit on and she was truly the most gorgeous thing i had seen. but since then all of my interactions with them have been soft and sweet, even when a heavy amount of liquor was involved.

they break like dry grass though so handle with care. a baby gay might accidentally steal a heart and run with it without even knowing. and then you just see a sad and frustrated baseball cap butch in the corner of the bar not knowing what to do next. and that's never a good thing.

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