Saturday, July 10, 2010

you want me to do what with you now...?

the worst part about coming out in an outdoor loving state?

bitches want to take you camping.

no seriously, what is it with lesbians and camping? is there a quota we have to fill? when you come out of the closet are you suppose to get a packet in the mail with a letter of welcome and a standard issued walking stick?

i went to a hippie outdoor bounds school where camping was a common event used to inspire team work, bonding, and a love of nature. of course making tweens sleep outside and then get up at 6am actually re-enforces the exact opposite. you carry that kind of hate with you for the rest of your life.

so when i realized that girls were going to want to go camping i was rather apprehensive. camping means bugs, sleeping on the hard ground and being bitterly cold. i had to discuss this seemingly stereotypical/insane event with my veteran gays.

they were only too happy to provide the real reasons for subjecting yourself to the great outdoors. camping was explained to me in these terms: booze, a dangerously large fire, smores because even the gays like smores, and stumbling back to your tent to find a naked girl in your sleeping bag.

wait, what?

via b$/ram

fucking sign me up! i love camping. now where the fuck is my walking stick?

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