Wednesday, June 16, 2010

coming out over skype

most epic conversation with my mom. basically me mumbling something incoherently about grls and how pretty they are and sobbing then my mom goes


then skype drops the call.

best. timing. ever.


mom: “So is sex with women something you’re… interested in…?”
“Uh yeah mom, very interested in!”

later my dad sent me a link of “The prettiest woman I have ever seen!”

i feel like theyre taking this a lot better than most parents.

How two of my many siblings took it:

my sister: “Well who didn’t see that one coming?!”

my brother: “I was not expecting this.”

i heart my family. my brother was actually who i was most worried about telling because even though i’m from a very liberal family my brother is kind of a douche. but he was actually the funniest saying that now i can take my bi cousin out and cruise for chicks. and he dated a bi girl once. also that i should be a lipstick lesbian, actually he told me to be a lipstick lesbian. i told him it doesn’t quite work like that. apparently i also can’t date really butch girls, but he’ll go to my lesbian wedding because i’m his baby sister… see sweet, but still kind of a douche.

my brother: “MY sister IS a LESBIAN! my SISTER is A lesbian. my sister is a LESBIAN!”
me: “okay okay i get it, i’ll make you a god damn t-shirt!”
my brother: “Really? That would be kinda cool.”

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