Tuesday, June 22, 2010

things i've said that make me know i'm gay #2

via dario torre

so second edition. this one makes me smile. its from a few weeks ago and before i wrote the post below. its more than just being attracted to women. its about sharing things with women and being willing to lose everything for them. its not even that, its a compulsion. i have to make a total fool of myself for them, i have to know them. its just how i'm hardwired. also when i read these i'm like "damn i talk like a 12 year old" lets not concentrate on my actual age and just remember i'm BABY gay.

me: i'm obsessed with women!

friend: haha for now maybe

me: no i think this is a lifetime condition

friend: until you begin to hate women. but maybe that's just me.

me: i cant imagine not loving women
wait yes i can

friend: scary huh?

me: mmm kind of... but they're lovely. absolutely lovely that i don't care if they completely wreck me. tear me apart and break my heart i'll go through all of that just to be able to hold one
ill write them poems and buy them flowers and make fucking mixed tapes
i just want one to kiss

friend: haha

me: soft skin, bright eyes, sly smiles, girls send me over the moon
i cant believe its taken me so long to see it
I'm completely devoted to them
in a way i never have been with guys

friend: awwww yay!

me: they make me gooey and mushy
i'm sick, like sick sick
ill do anything for a pretty girl. anything to make her smile

friend: oh hush, you're not sick. you're totally a gay girls dream right now

me: no i'm pretty sure i'm crazy

friend: girl crazy

me: sooo true

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