Wednesday, June 16, 2010


oh my god hello. i'm baby gay. no really i am. i'm 25 and baby gay. hurrah!!
actually figuring out my sexuality has been super dumb and wicked hard. but isn't it for everyone? well yeah, but not every lesbo gets married to a man, moves to another country, and suddenly realizes all those girl crushes actually meant something. you feel kind of stupid. and like a super bitch. also you get a lot of "kind of could tell..." well maybe you should of ran that thought by me BEFORE i signed the god damn legal contract with the government! but whatev.

so what now? well now i get to crush the man of my dreams, check. come back to the states and live in my parents' basement while i try to pull together some semblance of a life out of nothing. lame. bright side? fucking women. see always a silver lining. how hard and how awful it was to make the decision to come out and subsequently ruin the life of the man i love and our families i am buoyed by the fact that i get to be lil' ol' gay me. and that's fucking exciting. i mean, come on, i get to kiss women! how awesome is that? its way awesome.

stay tuned for my awesome meltdowns and gleeful revelations in all things gay.

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