Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i'm such a baby

ouch, i hurt my delicate gayness today. a trip to the local foreign mall will do that to you. in the food court, 'cause no matter the country no mall is complete without one, i spotted one of the very few out and obvious lesbians. and i was way proud. i gave her a "it's cool, stay strong" look because she was young and growing up in a small town in a country that doesn't really tolerate straying from the hetero norm.

bolstered by my naivety of what i assumed was a common exchange between gaylings i was on a gay high. which for some reason gave me the courage to smile flirtingly with a completely straight and foreign makeup counter girl! which she promptly laughed at me. what was i thinking?! it wouldn't have been quite so bad if she hadn't called her friend over to discuss the exchange and then talk about me while i stood stupidly three feet away. since it was in a different language i could just be being paranoid. though i doubt it.

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what a blow to my sensitive baby gay pride! deflated i bought myself a rainbow bracelet because apparently this is a common accessory for all new baby gays. ps most baby gays are 15 so when they wear rainbow stuff its cute and awkward, when you're 25 and full grown its just pathetic and sorta weird.

so after that defeat i can either a)crawl into my shell and never make eyes at a woman again or b)get over it and flex my gay muscles back in the states where i know my hungry eyes will be found flattering rather than pathetic.

omg i can't wait to be loving some american women! i decided not to make gratuitous remarks involving apple pie just then.

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